Jeunesse Global: Beauty and Healthy Lifestyle

Established on 9th September 2009, Jeunesse Global stands out as one of the most successful and recognized skincare Products Company. The establishment was conceived in the minds of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. These founders had just retired from different enterprises. It is then that they decided to invest in a profitable direct sales business as their retirement plan. Taking advantage of the growing trend of tech, they came up with an innovative method of manufacturing skincare products. According to the company site, number 9 has a meaning that represents prolonged existence and success in services delivery.


Jeunesse Global came in to meet the need for youth enhancement products to counter changes during ageing. The skincare industry accounts for $62 billion in the United States with experts forecasting $200 billion by the end of 2019. The firm’s growth is visible as the twelve-monthly returns consistency is more than $1 billion. Jeunesse began selling in Canada and the US but is extending the services internationally using skilled distributors.


There is a wide range of skincare products and supplements available for its customers. Jeunesse denotes its assortment of products as the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S). In total, there are nine products available for sale. For people who want to reduce wrinkles, Jeunesse offers Instantly Ageless. The product is applied in five target areas of the face taking effect in less than two minutes and lasting for six to nine hours. Luminesce offers restoration skin glow and youth liveliness. It constitutes hydrating formulas responsible for smoother, softer looking, and fresher skin. According to a study, the skin loses 30% of its collagen after every decade. To offer a solution, Jeunesse created a skincare drink called Naära. The product blends the most exceptional constituents using TruMarine™ Collagen, clinically tested and proven for promoting young skin appearance.


Reserve is a supplement made of blended fruits. It is natural and has no additives. It constitutes antioxidants that collaborate as a protection counter to free radical impairment. The most progressive supplement for the company is FINITI. This is a mixture of tubers and fruits extracts. Another supplement is M1ND™ that offers a solution for memory and reduction of memory distraction. Jeunesse products have guidelines provided to ease use and precaution measures too.