NewsWatch TV Review Impact

Newswatch an American television show with a focus on consumer news, mobile application reviews, electronic reviews, as well as public service announcements. As of 2017 the company one a gold or platinum Marcom award for their national television show. Additionally, they won the 2017 videographer award for excellence as well as a 2016 silver Telly award.

The company was first founded in March 1990 as a monthly program dedicated to issues regarding finances. By the end of the 1990s, the scope of topics covered by the network had broadened to include a general array of issues with interest to the general populace.

The network has enabled several companies such as Avanca to launch successful crowdfunding campaigns. As a result of their promotion of the company’s crowdfunding campaign, they were able to raise over $10,000 within a 30 day time. In fact, they were able to raise nearly half $1 million within the 30 day time, or over 29 times their initial goal.

Since then the segment the company had to promote desktop on a campaign has been viewed in over 200 US markets and has broadcasted to over 96 million households in the North American business ecosystem.

Another company which has utilized their wide range of broadcasting impact is Contour Design. This company aimed to market their ergonomic workstation and was trying to increase their total output. With a particular emphasis on a US audience that could potentially create healthier work environments. The company was able to increase sales of their workstation dramatically. The reviews from this segment were seen again by over 95 million households. While in excess of the goals that the company initially stated they were trying to hit. Overall the networking influence that Newswatch TV Review has is difficult to measure, but many companies have had success through their digital and television based marketing networks.

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