Jonathan dos Santos Has Entered Into A Sponsorship With Herbalife

Herbalife is one of the top global nutrition companies and was established in 1980. Their goal is to make a happier and healthier world by changing lives with great programs and nutritional products. Herbalife works with independent distributors to provide solutions for obesity and poor nutrition all over the world. They concentrate on the aging population and the increasing costs for healthcare. The products are backed by science, high quality and predominately manufactured in facilities owned by the company.

Herbalife offers individual coaching through a supportive community approach and their independent distributors. They are providing inspiration for their customers to live a more active and healthier lifestyle. Herbalife was created to target weight management, nutrition, fitness and energy. Their personal care products are only available through their independent distributors. These distributors are available in over ninety countries. Herbalife employs in excess of 8,000 people across the globe. They trade their shares on the New York Stock Exchange with the net sales for 2017 at roughly $4.4 billion.

Herbalife has announced they have signed Jonathan dos Santos for a multi-year, exclusive sponsorship. He is a member of the Mexican National Team and a midfielder for the LA Galaxy’s. He is now a partner for sports performance nutrition for the 2021 MLS season. Rich Goudis is the CEO for Herbalife. He is thrilled to have Jonathan dos Santos as a part of the fitness and nutrition community. Jonathan dos Santos will have access to the sports performance products to fuel his performance on the field. He spoke of his understanding regarding the importance of balanced nutrition for athletes. He intends to develop a personalized plan to ensure he receives the hydration necessary for him to compete and to win.

Jonathan dos Santos received his introduction to the Herbalife products in the lounge for the LA Galaxy players. He begins his morning and post practices with Herbalife24 to rebuild his strength. He has been working with the nutrition team from Herbalife so his favorite shake can be prepared. It is called Banana Sunrise. His sponsorship includes community partnership initiatives, marketing initiatives and an education in sports nutrition. Jonathan dos Santos is from Mexico City and joined the famed academy at FC Barcelona with his brother Giovani when he was young. They both worked hard and made the first team. He followed his brother in 2014 and joined Villarreal CF. This is where he earned the reputation as one of the Spanish leagues most reliable midfielders.