Jeff Aronin Strives to Thwart Debilitating Diseases

Everything seems to be moving faster these days. Technology especially is exposing our collective hunger to know everything about something very specific as quickly as possible. This is Jeff Aronin’s attitude towards developing treatments for debilitating diseases. From early on in his career he was inspired by the idea that proper medicine could prevent surgeries. His specific focus is to address the lack of treatments in the area of debilitating disease and to provide medicine as quickly as possible.

Jeff’s investment firm, Paragon Biosciences, is responsible for securing 13 FDA drug approvals through the creation of cutting-edge biotechnology companies. Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals is one of the companies that Paragon helped to build. They specialize in treatments for rare genetic dermatology conditions. Another Paragon venture is Harmony Biosciences where their focus is central nervous system disorders.

Paragon’s goal is to target diseases where the need for treatment is high. They look for new solutions through examining the cause of the disease. Then they search for science that supports a new direction in treatment for a particular affliction ( With the science in hand, they construct companies that not only conduct clinical research, but also plan a commercial strategy to make sure that they can market their medicine to the masses. Jeff’s passion for expediency in the final phase of development has separated him from his competitors.

Before Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin had founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. in 2000. He eventually sold the company for $900 million. With a similar focus as Paragon, the company thrived, and Jeff was kept on as CEO even after the company was sold. At Ovation, Jeff had clearly demonstrated that his method of developing highly sought-after medicine was a successful one especially with his particular energy for getting the medicine to market without unnecessary delay.