How Cassio Audi Went from MBA to Financial Director of Gillette

In Brazil, the USP University is one of the best Universities in the entire Latin America and holds a high reputation for graduating some of the best business administrators in comparison even with some American Schools.

Cassio Audi is one of the business developers and administrators in Brazil that graduated from the impressive USP, which stands for “Universidade de São Paulo.” There, he received his MBA and progressed his skills in business development and administration. He would soon become very successful in his craft.

Although he studied at USP, his first contact with the University was at the “Pontificia Universidade Catolica de São Paulo,” or, as it is commonly called, PUC- SP.

PUC-SP is a University with a big record and a deep history along with the state of São Paulo itself, and is still open today and graduating students from many schools. Their biggest pride is the School of Advocacy, where the best lawyers and attorneys of the country are formed and recruited.

Cassio Audi first joined the group named JP Morgan Chase, a banking company that was medium-sized but was receiving a lot of positive feedback from clients all over São Paulo. There, with his employers at JP Morgan Chase, Cassio Audi used his studies of administration to learn more about the baking industry and climb the ranks of the business. He would soon have a better job position than most of the businesspeople who studied with him at USP.


He entered JP Morgan Chase in 1992, a few years after entering the University of São Paulo, but left four years later because of another job opportunity. That job was to work together with Dow Chemical as the Financial Senior Analyst of the corporation. Read this article at

Apart from the great performance in administration and financial administration, Cassio Audi also had a few assets under his sleeves. He had English, a mandatory language in the world of business if you want to work in other countries.

Because of his high success rate, he ended up working at the multinational brand Gillette as a Financial Director, and is already ranking up among the best administrators of his age. Watch this video on Youtube.