From a young investor aspiring success to a successful mogul

For anyone striving to become a future successful mogul, it is a wise idea to begin making investments at a young age.

Technology is a massive advantage to the young investor since they have greater knowledge of all the trends in technology. However much money may not be to their advantage, time is an asset. The time factor becomes an advantage when it comes to making savings, correcting mistakes that they may have made in business, and have more room to improve. Early investment also becomes an advantage when it comes to retirement saving or any other form of saving. Many people who began the trend at an early age have shown its benefits by becoming hugely successful and influential individuals in the business like Chris Linkas.


Who is Chris Linkas?

Chris Linkas has been involved in the investment sector from a young age. For many years Chris was based in the State of New York where he worked in the Commercial Real Estate Market. While in the sector, his primary focus was on opportunistic debt and equity real estate investment is different parts of North America. He was also a previous financial analyst for RER Financial Group LLC and later on got promoted to vice president of the company ( He then worked at the Goldman Sachs firm where he was held in charge of well over billion dollars’ worth of assets directly for one and a half years.

By the year 1998, he became the Goldman Sachs vice president of the departments of investment and commercial mortgaging for close to five years.

His success and work ethic in the industry for many years opened doors for him in the international business world. He became the MD in the year 2012. Chris Linkas role is currently to handle foreign investments in various countries including Benelux, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, UK, Ireland and Greece among many more that deal with matters of commercial real estate, renewables and such like businesses.

His numerous experiences make him the right person to speak to the youth on investment.