Drew Madden and Emerging Healthcare Technology

Drew Madden has been working in the field of healthcare information technology for over a decade. He graduated from the University of Iowa College of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Drew focused in the area of medical systems. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Healthcare IT covers areas such as necessary patient information, tests, and analysis. Madden believes in a vast outreaching system that tracks every part of a patient’s health and treatment. Healthcare should encompass doctor’s diagnosis, patient’s test results, follow-up care, and medications. Madden devotes his time and energy to optimize this complex maze.

Medical records stored electronically can give patients guidance when it comes to taking prescriptions drugs. Incorrect dosing and usage cost the medical and insurance industry millions of dollars each year. Developing a platform that helps ensures patient compliance is one method to save money and increase patient longevity. Employing a system in a hospital setting alone could close the gap between patient drug error and outcome.

Hospitals benefit from many sorts of technology system when put into place, and supported by trained staff. One method, particularly helpful in a hospital setting, is a real-time tracker. If the emergency room staff knows the whereabouts of their ER patient, they can expedite analysis and treatment. Faster response times means quicker recovery.

Not only useful in the ER environment, but case managers can monitor and subsequently follow up on a patients progress. Administrators and directors can watch staffing levels and adjust for shortages. This watching and tracking is technology incorporated in beacon devices. These devices are attached to clothing and garments during work hours or while the patient is under the hospital’s care.

Drew Madden is excited about the promises in all healthcare settings that IT can bring. Hospital’s flow can be improved and over patient well-being can be increased within the current and emerging platforms of healthcare technology. You can follow their Twitter.

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