Fun Scents In Lip Balm

The lip balm that you see in the store might not be the scent or the flavor that you want. While it will keep the lips moisturized, especially in dry air, it simply isn’t the personalized lip balm that you desire. You can easily make your own lip balm with wax and a few drops of your favorite oils. There are also small pieces of flowers and other items that you can add to the wax to give a beautiful look.

Honey is something that you should consider adding to your product as it has antibacterial properties. As with the lip balms available by Evolution of Smooth, these properties can help heal cracked lips faster than other products. The antioxidants in the EOS lip balm also help to keep your lips smooth.

One of the fun ways to make lip balm is to add Kool-Aid to coconut oil and beeswax. You’ll have a balm with a fun color and one that smells like fruit punch or one of the many other varieties that are available. Evolution of Smooth also has a few scents to choose from, such as mint, blueberry and passion fruit. The lip balm by the Fast Company is tested so that it’s safe to use. EOS Products are available on online and on