Stephen Hicks, the CEO and Chairman of Southridge Capital, publicized that Partners of Southridge II LP, an official investor, arrived at an equity acquisition contract with (OTCQB: DEAC), based in Dallas and Texas Elite Data Services, Inc. Hicks says, “We are focused on putting resources into organizations like Elite Data Services that are giving inventive contributions in the enterprises they serve. “Southridge Capital is devoted to helping customers accomplish their planned objectives.


Having backed over 250 community corporations, Southridge Capital is conscious of the fears that all growing corporation tackles and the crew has the competences and ability to refer on most mutual issues beginning from converting a public company, to personalized financing methods to improve balance page management. Devoted to providing a full range of ground-breaking financial resolutions to meet the wants of our varied group of customers. As we have redefined the construction of the business to improve delivery of the services and products our customers want, recently re-energizing the product to replicate all the competencies we offer.


Since 1996, the organized finance crew has made straight investments over $1.8 billion interested in growth corporations worldwide. Our knowledge lies in the ability to modify a backing plan founded on the requirements of a prospective customer and implement that proposal without flops. Checkout for more details.



Southridge pursues funds in developing growth zones, international and in domestic markets. Southridge has magnificently participated in affording over $1.7 billion in wealth to corporations in Asia, United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and between other marketplaces. In late 2006, Inc. (R), eLayaway, (ELAY) is the fatherly enterprise of DivvyTech, Inc., the brand and innovation association organization following, a layaway installment stage with a pipeline of more than 300 vendors and key associations. The Corporation’s patent- awaiting payment request allows stores to enlarge their customer base to masses of credit-mindful customers so long as they are with an adaptable payment proposal that tailors their plan.


The corporation exploits a progressive set of branded technologies and emphases on advertising and marketing resolutions that produce revenue on current industries in areas, counting but not partial to, hospitality, automotive, and gaming. Southridge assists corporations in improving their affluence by running with the creditors to remove arrears in courtesy of mutual stock. The Southridge constitute aids corporations in that it implements the base on the current level of assets in the corporation’s stock, short of the obligation of a registration report and with slight market effect as probable. To know more you can checkout



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