Embracing the Truth With Larkin and Lacey

There is nothing as sweet as the truth. Many people find themselves in trouble for spreading lies, but not Michael and Jim. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are two journalists who have dedicated their lives to unveiling the truth, something that has landed them in trouble more times than one.

As you are aware, journalists investigate and unveil hidden truths to the public. Larkin and Lacey, being journalists, had to do an investigative piece on Joe Arpaio, a man who had in previous years faced serious allegations of promoting social profiling.

Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County sheriff had for the longest time undermined immigrants in Arizona, subjecting them to a lot of hurts in the process. The public, before Jim and Michael’s reveal, never took the stories documented by media houses seriously. However, Larkin and Lacey’s cover story on Arpaio soon won the hearts of the people when it became apparent that Joe was trying to hide something.

Remember, Joe Arpaio and his goons had arrested the two journalists in the cover of darkness and jailed them for God knows what. An enraged public would not have it easy on the county and so Arpaio had no choice other than to release the duo. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Facebook

Deeply angered, Jim and Michael took their battle to the corridors of justice. They accused Maricopa County and Joe of wrongfully arresting them, a case they won six years later. The court went further to grant the journalists with a significant settlement, money they have since used to support other organizations in the region through their Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Michael and Jim, being advocates for the helpless, have brought a lot of good tidings to poor Latinos who in the past felt left out. Some proceeds have gone towards education and social welfare while others have gotten directed towards legal matters.

The duo, despite winning the case against Maricopa County, still feel determined in fighting for what is right. 2017 was a happy year for the journalists since that is when their arch enemy found his way to prison. However, Joe’s stay in prison got short-lived due to the arrival of President Trump, who issued Arpaio with a pardon.

A lot of confusion now looms in Arizona, but Jim and Michael still feel motivated in going the extra mile. Michael Lacey, an alumnus of the Arizona State University first met Jim in 1972 while working for Phoenix New Times, a relationship that they have maintained to-date.

Jim and Michael have since day one fought for the rights of the minority, one of the reasons why they use Village Voice to uncover Arizona’s truths. The duo, having taken a break from active journalism have since made their comeback and in the process helped undo many of Arpaio’s wrongs.

Michael and Jim have also created Front Page Confidential, a website they use to help promote the freedom of speech. It has been a long time coming and Jim and Michael are moments away from having their day.