“Capitol Anesthesiology Association – Providing Relief & Compassion”

Located in Austin, Texas is Capitol Anesthesiology Association, a formal organization consisting of more than 80 highly skilled doctors specializing in the area of anesthesiology.

Anesthesia is given to patients by these medical experts to assuage distress and fear before and after surgical treatment.

There are three main types of anesthesia –

General – Used for major medical operations, the patients are unconscious.

Having surgery for heart problems and brain tumors would qualify a person to have this form of anesthesia.

Regional – In this case, the medical specialist would administer the anesthetic agent to the nerves supplying the affected region of the body, in which they are to perform the surgery.

This would just numb that particular area of the body and the person would be conscious.

Women requiring C-sections and folks who need hip replacements would receive this intervention.

Local – The name says it all; it is when an anesthetic medicine is given to a small location on the body, usually a soft tissue area.

This process is also known as Monitored Anesthesia Care.

Individuals who are having dental work or eye surgery done would be a good candidate for this method.

The physicians at Capitol Anesthesiology Association contribute their talents to the pregnancy, cardiovascular and pediatrics field as well.

In addition to performing lifesaving activities, many are philanthropist too, donating their skill sets and time to various charities.

Organizations, such as Austin Smiles, Family Eldercare and Partnership for Kids all benefit from the assistance of these gifted physicians.