Bruce Levenson Promotes Unique Initiative

Bruce Levenson is quite excited with what he has been able to do at the University of Maryland. On Benzinga, he reveals that this is what people do through their time and ingenuity as they move on to build incredible things.

Alternative education is on the rise. This is something that has led to the popularity of the Do Good Initiative. It has been able to offer a unique value. This way it has completely reshaped the curriculum of higher education curriculum as it needs to adapt to an education landscape that is evolving.

Bruce Levenson is the former owner of Atlanta Hawks. He has sold the team and delved into non-profit immediately. Basically, he is looking at creating a template that can easily be replicated by other schools. He wants it to turn into something that is highly contagious.

Looking at the business perspective of this initiative, Bruce Levenson feels that higher education model that is on-campus is under threat today. This is because all kinds of alternatives are coming in nowadays which are gaining popularity. These include online learning and others. But this is something that cannot be done online. In fact, Bruce Levenson feels that this is a 21st-century campus learning model. He feels that it is a transformational model. He feels that other campuses will soon be moving toward this for the same reason.

Bruce Levenson has sold off Atlanta Hawks. The bankers hired by him for this were Goldman Sachs as well as Inner Circle Sports. He sold the Hawks along with the operating rights to Philips Arena. At that time Goldman Sachs had convinced him that it would get $1 billion for the team as well as for the operating rights of the arena. But what it actually fetched was $730 million bid, claims Forbes, which was 27% off than expected.