A Tax Free Investment Option

There is always the need for investors to make the right decisions for financial security. Sometimes it makes the most sense to take advantage of the stock exchange, placing earned income and retirement savings into aggressive accounts in order to turn a profit when the market sees a bubble. Investment options are usually fairly expansive, with a multitude of different options to take advantage of. When it comes to employee benefits and investment there is little choice in what avenues you can take. Would it make more sense to invest in a 403b or 401k account to put away money from the future? Not many average Americans know much about how these accounts normally work, but there are common fees attached to these accounts beyond taxes taken out. This means that you are paying for the ability to invest beyond what the government takes, and these occur before the money event hits the account you set up. In order to try and form a more secure and cost effective investment option, Matt Badiali has created an ingenious investment idea that he has affectionately called freedom checks. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

The freedom check is not a new idea. It was originally created a while ago as an investment option that takes advantage of Statute 26-F, which allows a company that issues the checks to operate tax free. Freedom checks benefit allows them to remove additional spending and fees for the distribution of these forms of investment, which is great news for company employees who will see more money in their investment accounts as a result. Investors can take advantage of freedom checks if their company of choice is involved in the gasoline or oil industry and as long as they accept freedom checks as a form of monetary tender. Read this article at metropolismag.com.

There are already hundreds of companies who are taking advantage of freedom checks, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment payouts being issued. Since freedom checks do not count as social security or Medicaid checks they are not seen as a federal option for payment purposes and do not need to follow the same guidelines as other investment choices. More money in the pockets of investors means happier American citizens and more people who can look forward to prosperous retirement potential. It is currently not known how far the freedom check will go. Its future lies in the same area as cryptocurrencies.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sCMlK7_zbc